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How to keep Human Hair Wigs Intact

Is your human hair wig losing the natural bounce and softness? With regular usage, there comes a time when you start noticing the stiffness and dryness in it. The reason is obvious!

Human hair wigs need extra care as these don’t carry natural scalp oils. The scalp oils keep the natural hair moisturized but wigs don’t have natural access to it. Then how to keep it soft, original, and restore a dry out human hair wig?

We have compiled here some of the best measures that will keep it soft and last longer as well. Probe it here! How could I Restore My Dry-out Human Hair Wig?

wigsSo you are wearing your wig regularly, then you probably facing deteriorating issues with it. Well, you can go for these simple measures of restoring them and keeping it softer and natural too. Get it here!

Brush your hair with a wide-toothed comb. It helps to remove tangles from it without harming wig strands. Use oil to keep it shiny and smooth. Argan oil is considered as the best oil to restore human hair wigs. So you can apply it by taking it on your hands and then comb slowly to check all strands have got adequate oil or not.

After proper oiling, wash the hair strands properly with a moisturized shampoo. Shampoo makes it softer & shiner and don’t let it dry out.

Now apply conditioner to it. Make sure you cover the whole strand length and apply it more on the strand tips as it gets dry out faster. Don’t wash the conditioner instantly, instead keep it for some time and then use water to wash it.

After all, don’t lay down your wig to soak. Rather use a mannequin to let it dry properly. As the water stopped dripping down you can use a hairdryer (Remember on low power) and soak the wig completely.

This is the simple way of restoring your wig.

How could I Make Different Styles of Human Hair Wig?

There are several styling options available that one can opt for styling human hair wig. Here are some of the best!

Wet Styling

Wet wig hair styling is most prevalent and suitable for roller sets styling. Serums and styling foams are applied to smooth out the wet hair. However, stay gentle while applying as otherwise, it will harm the bonds that hold wig together.

Add Curls

Take hair rollers and roll the wig with it. To keep the hair moist, you can use a spray bottle. It will help you style it in your way. You can add good curls to your hair by using heat rollers.

Straight Hair Styling

Use heat straighteners to add style to your wig. You can separate out the sections and comb it carefully from the lower portion of the hair. From the roots, don’t reach more than an inch to straighten the ends.

Long and Fluid Scissor Strokes

Jagged edges can break your style. Instead of cutting all at once, it helps cutting small portions of lace. Keep it as less as possible as cutting too much will ruin the wig in many ways.

Which Wig Does Last More- Human Hair or Synthetic Wig?

Many have doubts regarding which wig will last long and serve the best. Well, in that case, if you want to have a longer shelf life of your wigs then you should consider human hair wigs. These wigs give a natural feel and look contrasting synthetic wigs.

Human hair wigs are quite durable than synthetic wigs. These last in one to three years if you adopt proper measures of maintaining it invariably. However, synthetic wigs are non-durable ones. These last in around four to six months. So, if you are looking for a durable wig aspect then surely it’s the right one.

How Long Does A Human Hair Wig Last?

As already mentioned, human hair wigs are the most durable ones. Though you have to pay heavily, this one-time expense will not betray you thereafter. You can enjoy wearing it for even one to three years depending on your caring measures.

Adopt care measures such as using wide tooth comb, shampoo, conditioner, etc. to keep it alive always. Use lukewarm water to wash and squeeze it gently to dry out. You need to follow some rules to enhance your life.

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