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How to Dread Locs Your Hair

Dread locs Are Enjoyable. Dread locs really are a fun and great way to style your hair and when they may be formed, they may be really low maintenance. Despite the fact that, technically, dread locs will form in the event you simply stop brushing your own hair, it will require someone up to 3 years to create, and they can often form as matted clumps of hair as opposed to the well shaped dread locs which can be achieved through other methods.

Among the best techniques for dreading your own hair is backcombing. By using this method, your own hair will lock up quickly as well as the initial effect is going to be nearer to the mature dread loc than other methods. To make use of this process, you should begin with clean dry hair and section it into 1-2 inch sections. If you are using smaller sections, you’ll end up getting smaller dread locs, with bigger sections, bigger dread locs. When you’re sectioning your hair separate it into square sections for nice even round dread locs. It’s advisable to section the entire head before beginning backcombing. You are able to secure the sections with rubber bands.

locksOnce it’s all separated, make use of a dread comb to comb the sections from your tip towards the root. Be sure you start not far from the scalp, not a lot more than an inch away. Once you have worked you way right down to the tip of every portion of hair, you are able to secure the conclusion temporarily with another rubber band as this helps the dread loc to remain tight in the base and mature faster. You are able to leave the rubber bands close the the scalp too to assist the dread locs form, and take away them when the dread loc has reached maturity. Unless you know, a dread loc comb is small, and metal with teeth which are made specifically to slip inside and out of hair sections freely while grabbing just as much hair as is possible for backcombing. Also, they are called teasing combs and are available at some beauty supply stores and also at various dread loc products websites. Once you have backcombed the entire head and secured both ends with rubber bands, you’ll wish to review each section with a great dread wax. This can secure loose hairs and assist the dread locs to mature faster along with a far more even structure. There are lots of places to discover dread loc wax, but many of them contain petroleum, that is not the very best for brand new dread locs or dread locs in caucasian hair. Dread wax with 100 % natural ingredients can also be better for your environment as well as for your scalp and the body.

This procedure of dreading your own hair will require a little bit of time. Based on the hair length it might take between 2 to 6 hours. If you want some assistance with back parts of you head, you are able to get into a salon and get a stylist to assist. They are usually interested and prepared to help. They might request 20-30$ hourly, which might appear to be a great deal, but when your own hair is dreaded you won’t need a haircut so long as you would like to keep your dread locs in.

When your hair is backcombed, it will require about 3-4 months for your dread locs to achieve maturity. Because they are developing and also to maintain them, you’ll wish to wash your own hair about every 3 days with a great soap, and use a good dread wax to assist them smooth out and tight up. Since your own hair is dreaded, it must still dread itself because it grows from your scalp, but in case it requires some assistance, you can put on a rubber band in the root to assist it lock up. When it comes to washing, be sure you work the soap via your hair thoroughly just like a sponge and will also always smell neat and fresh.

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