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12 reasons to Use Sex Toys

Okay, go ahead and snicker. In fact, why don’t you just take a moment to get it completely out of your system? Couples sex toys are a real thing and in today’s fast-moving, extremely hectic world there are several good reasons for you and your special someone to own and use sex toys.

We’re talking legitimate reasons here, not those Grade 6 reasons you still throw around as a way to fend off your embarrassment about things going on in the bedroom. So, with that in mind, and throwing caution to the wind, let’s take a look at the reasons why you should use adult toys.

1 – Couples Sex Toys Cover Your Butt Actually, we were not exactly referring to butt plugs but you may as well throw them into this category. We know that there are times when you are too stressed out and the pressure of having to perform an orgasmic miracle in bed sometimes escapes your grasp. It’s cool. It happens to the best of us. So, here’s where sex toys fit into the picture. You can still satisfy her but instead of using your tool, you’re using hers. That made sense, right? Anyway, mood swings and stress don’t hamper the performance stats of your average handheld adult toy.

2 – Couples Sex Toys Can Save Her Bacon As Well It doesn’t matter how often the two of you have been doing it. While practice makes perfect, there are times where you are still going to miss the mark that makes her squirm, squeal and write bad checks. To make sure this doesn’t happen frequently – the bad checks part – there are several different adult sex toys designed just for her. They are also designed by women who actually know where those secret spots are on a female body. In other words, you, your tool and her and her tool can have a great night regardless and everyone will be happy.

3 – Adult Sex Toys for Couples Will Produce Multiple Orgasms Sure, say what you want about being a pro in the sack. You just may be exactly as good as you claim to be. However, with the assistance of a handy sex toy or two or three, the probability of multiple orgasms increases drastically. Yes, your ultimate goal in bed should be to pleasure each other without any major goals in mind but, and here’s the rub, wouldn’t a few extra orgasms tossed into the mix turn that time in bed from ordinary to somewhat extraordinary? You can thank the makers of adult toys for thinking about the same thing.

4 – Adult Sex Toys for Couples Enhance Exploration What exactly do you mean you rarely get to see this part of the package? With a handful of different sex toys, you get to check out some of the nooks and crannies that are either off limits or just hidden out of sight. You may be amazed at the things you’ll discover. Plus, the both of you may discover some things you both have secretly imagined but were too afraid to say anything about until the time was right. Finding a strap on used for pegging is just the kind of conversation starter we are talking about. Show and tell, anyone?

5 – Couples Sex Toys Are More Than A Rousing Game Of Twister The cool thing about couples sex toys is that they can be considered educational in many ways. Take, for example, the positions one must attain in order to use or receive certain toys in certain areas of the body. You could discover in a real hurry why it is always a good idea to do some stretching exercises before embarking on any strenuous activity. Of course, if either of you happens to be on the gymnastics team, bonus for your partner. However, sex toys will give you a reason to try standing, sitting, swinging, hanging and bending in ways you never thought possible.

6 – They Show You How To Mutually Enjoy Each Other Here’s one that spooks a few. Sex toys give you a chance to masturbate in front of each other. It’s true and if you’ve never done it before, take some notes because you’ll be shown subtle hints that you may never pick up on any other way. The adult toys can not only give you the outlet to display what works best and what doesn’t, they will give your partner one heck of a show. One, by the way, they will have to perform themselves in return. Nothing beats getting off with the person you love and getting off the way you most enjoy it in the first place.

7 – They Bring Fantasies To Life Chains, handcuffs, icing sugar, rock, paper, scissors. There are all kinds of sex toys that can add to your fantasy world and can become part of your bedtime reality. Seriously. Well, maybe minus the rock, paper, and scissors. However, you could still use this to see who is going to be dominant tonight. Also, with the addition of some rather stimulating clothing, you can act out pretty much any 8-millimeter movie you’ve had hidden in your memory with your willing and possibly restrained partner. Yes, sex toys are fun for many different reasons. Being able to use them as fantasy props is a list leader for many.

8 – They Help You To Fight Stigmas Scratching your head over that one, maybe? Well, stigmas do exist in the world of adult toys. Some people think that only the perverted resort to such appliances. Others think that losers who can’t find a mate or girlfriend or boyfriend frequent sex toy shops. Or use toys in order to fulfill the need to be with someone. There are some who think that sex toys are one partner’s way of saying you don’t measure up. That you just aren’t getting the job done in bed. Naturally, all of that is quite simply bunk. Adult toys are an accessory to sex not a replacement tool for sex.

9 – They Will Satisfy Your Curiosity Yup. That’s right. After putting tons of miles on your favorite battery-operated boyfriend and getting more than your share of kicks out of it. You finally find out what he is going to make of it? Well, instead of wondering long and hard (sex puns intended). You can just go ahead and give him a show and see how he reacts. Chances are, he has fantasized about this very moment. He may even have a toy of his own that he wants to share with you. Adult sex toys tend to do that with couples.

You may find that your partner has secretly been wanting something that he just couldn’t bring himself to talk about. Maybe he has wanted to talk about toys best for pegging. He may then disclose to you the best pegging sites. You may discover that you would like to help him with his desire. Together you could look for the best pegging harness, the best lube for pegging and the best pegging strap-ons. This then is a whole new field of sexual adventure that you could both explore together.

So you would like to try pegging? 10 – Couples Sex Toys Can Help Bond Your Relationship Together Instead of shopping for clothes together one afternoon. Why not investigate the best adult toy website to see what the new arrivals are. By shopping for them together you will experience something wild. Well, aside from those urges that may send you into the bedroom early. You will experience a bonding that may never happen over comparing brands of soup in the supermarket. Shopping together for sex toys is truly a special event. You can do it from your own home.

11 – Couples Sex Toys Scare Away Parents and Unwanted Visitors Okay, we just tossed that one in there to get in a couple of extra laughs. The point we are making is that adult toys are more than things that you keep hidden in the bottom of your sock drawer. They are appliances that can lead to places you have never visited with your partner ever before. In fact, they are probably going to broaden your horizons. Even give you a few extra reasons to call in sick more often from work. Nothing enhances the intimate part of any relationship quite like a handful (or drawer full) of carefully selected and well-used sex toys.

12 – We Find No Reasons Not To Use Couples Sex Toys We’re trying hard to put our finger on it. What is the deal with adult toys? Well, they are as much of a part of your sex life as your partner. That is to say, adult toys can help you to better communicate your intimate needs. Show what the right kind of toy can do to or for you. Then they can inspire additional creativity inside the bedroom or on the kitchen floor.

There are no bad reasons to list about adult toys with the exception of battery use but that’s your problem. Our goal here today was to get you thinking about how you can finally come out of the closet (poorly chosen sex pun, maybe?) about your feelings about adult toys and put some of that energy to good use.

You may be amazed to find out that your partner was already thinking about the same thing. Sex toys bond a relationship on a level that can only be reached behind closed doors. They also help you to loosen up the privacy settings you have on yourself with your partner. The closer you get, the better your sex life will become. If that means adult toys are part of the picture. Then we know who is going to be having a very special night in bed tonight!

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